February 10, 2010

Grasshopper | Pixelated by UV and image sampler

서피스를 UV좌표를 따라 나눈 점을 이미지 샘플러를 이용하여 이미지의 밝기 값에 따라 높이가 다른 Twisted box를 생성하고 이를 폴리곤 메쉬로 변환하였다. 이떄 각 box사이의 간격을 조절할 수도 있다.

definition file : image_sampler_srf.ghx


noe said...

Hi congratulations for your job! Good stuff.

The file you posted was the non-surface image sampler. So i tried to do your definition on my own. I have trouble with the image sampler, it notice me that the image is out of limit.. maybe its problem with de divide domain2 ..


Sanghoon Yoon said...

Sorry noe, I made wrong link to the definition file, just fixed to right one, try the linked file again. Probably, you have to use 'Reparamaterize' on input surface.